Our City

Let’s break free
on this night to roam
with secrets under heaven
and above the gutter.

While the city shifts
in scenes so unreal
lamps will pull us
to places we belong.

Then we’ll catch time
as souls beckon
and swirl around
waking our minds
and our plans.

We’ll race with the tempo
see how it blends
as everything collides
and all between the towers
cars will rage
and you know me
I’ll stay with you
with the odd star still
around our faces.

On Lap Two

On lap two
Around the park
You resurfaced with that gaze
Familiar with that frame
And that hair
From when you kissed me
While searching for your keys
Like I was a part of your life
Or something
As I stood smiling inside
While June’s light then
With its shadows
Carved shapes into your floorboards
Before the morning
When I pretended not to know
And watched your face
Fall as I waved
From my side
Of the dust in the glare
That hung between
Us like a riddle

Today Was Meant To Be

Today was meant to be
All about the sun
Purple crocuses
With light in everything
I still visited the shop by the junction
And as my bag clinked towards home
I glimpsed a book
Left out for grabs
On how to disappear
But I passed
Walked on
And was overtaken
By a bubble of rainbows
In a breeze blown