We arrived

We arrived
With the creativity
Of the sea and the trees
We come from a vision
That imagines and dreams
Through us all
Stay open to the mystery
As part of an endless
Unfurling home

I’d stride out

I’d stride out
Sickened by the light
Heart pounding
For riding an incubator
Only to be lost at noon
By glass and steel
By St Mary Axe
In the drizzle

She is bound to a connection

She is bound to a connection
She channels saints and angels
Taken by a wheel she turns
Drawn into a scene
She believes
This city is her dreamscape
Her endless frontier
She whirls
And we don’t know why
She spins
Losing her grip
She flies
And nobody knows
Why she keeps turning
As she converts
Into an abyss
She isn’t recognised
By herself or anyone