Our City

Let’s break free
On this night to roam
With secrets
Under heaven and
Above the gutter

While the city shifts
In scenes so unreal
Lamps will guide
Our spirits to places
We can belong

Then we’ll catch time
As souls beckon
Swirl around
Waking our dreams
And our plans

Let’s follow
This city
Its flow
Let’s break cover
And make it ours

We’ll race towards
The tempo as it goes
And see how it blends
As everything collides

All between the towers
Sirens will rage
And you know me
I’ll stay with you
Until it’s dawn
With the stars still
Around our faces

And we’ll take them
We’ll make them burn
With us
Here forever

Into Forever

First the sun
Of a slo-mo spring
That melted into
Almost a circle
Of flames followed
By non-stop rain

And when I left
The garden under
The stares of crows
Clutching the fence
And flashing their feathers
I collided with the chaos
Of a Camberwell beauty
And a cabbage white
Folding themselves into

Tree Lady

After Beltane
In days meant
For visions
For inspiration
I cannot tire
Of walking through sea foam
Or the devil’s porridge
That thrives
On troubled ground
Where I keep spotting bumblebees
And wonder if they’ll make it
Like so many dreams
In the green air again
With this year’s frogs
Arriving at dawn

In a clearing of compassion
I’m blinded
By a band of pewter
Around a cloud
Backlit by the sun
And I know I can’t
Be pulled down again
With the buddleia cones
In the rain so
I let the tree lady
Teach me how
To stand again
Crush stones
Blunt thorns
How and when they come
And I let her
Wash my bones clean
In a milk lit pond
Holding up
May’s moon of flowers