We Got Close

Into the night
Of mystery’s vision
As bats circled
Like butterflies
And spells unfolded
Like a seer
I tried deciphering it all
As to be otherworldly
Was my plan
I sensed the shroud
And the other side
But this life blocked me
Almost through
I wanted to go
Into that lake that fell forever
Where glitter sank
Stones surfaced
Where we looked for clues
For dreams and keys
Before you claimed me again
Like a ritual
Once more
I called in the glow
Divining all I could
To reach you at the depths
We almost had a breakthrough
I called on the darkness
Beyond earthly desires
That existed before
Jupiter’s eye
And that shaman’s drum
To swap sides with you
To the Shard
The vaults at Crossbones
Where ḍākinīs whisper
Mother Mary sings
And monks let go to hold
We still look back
For each other